Free Homework Answers Available Online Are Not Correct

If you are struggling to complete your homework for any of your classes you might be tempted to turn to online sources to get free answers and submit the work. There are many reasons by you should not:

  1. Free homework answers available online are not correct.

    Many teachers have a particular method of teaching concepts and if you take an answer off the internet it might not use the method that your teacher used. This will make it incorrect. Additionally there is the fact that anyone can post anything online. So unless you verify that the website is of high academic integrity and related to a reliable educational institution then chances are the information that they post is incorrect which will result in you getting a bad grade. And on the note of integrity…

  2. Free homework answers available online violate your academic integrity policy.

    Getting free answers from an online source regardless of whether they are correct or not is a violation of your school’s academic integrity policy. It does not matter if you are in elementary school or in grad school. Every school has an academic integrity policy and it states that students should not cheat or plagiarize on their work.

    Copying the work of someone else and claiming it was yours--in this case taking the answers posted by someone else and claiming they are yours--is a direct violation of that. The punishment for this varies by school.

    In elementary through high school you might receive an automatic failing grade for the course. You may be put on academic discipline. You might be suspended or worse… expelled. If you are in college or grad school violating the academic code of conduct in such a fashion as copying answers from an online source can be means for kicking you out of school and not letting you back in.

  3. Free homework answers available online do not teach you the concepts.

    It is important that you learn the concepts in your homework. If you copy answers you are cheating yourself of the opportunity to learn and use the information later.

    So no matter how difficult the homework might be it is best to avoid cheating at all possible. You do not want to risk your grades and your academic career merely because you used an online source for your homework.