Why students don't want to do their homework

There are many, many reasons that students do not want to do their homework. I mean, I remember being at school, leaving for the day, and the last thing I wanted to do was to pick up the books that I had just put down! But, there are a variety of reasons for this, some of which are outlined below.

  • Too Hard
  • One reason that a student might feel disinclined to do their homework is because it is too difficult. Having work set at a too high level, and not being able to complete that work, even with effort, will generate feelings of inadequacy and stress. No wonder some students just don’t bother!

  • Not Hard Enough
  • At the other end of the scale, work can be a little too easy. If so, students might wonder what the point of devoting time to an unchallenging extra-curricular activity is. Homework needs to be engaging, so that it gets the students’ attention.

  • Boring
  • Simply, in most instances, homework is just viewed as being boring. If the alternative to homework is computer games, the internet and social media, football, a whole world of games, it is challenging to make homework interesting in comparison.

  • Too Much
  • Too much homework can result in a feeling that the task is never ending, and if a task is never ending, then there is, logically, no point in beginning. So, homework needs to be set in appropriate volume, so that it entices the student to think: ‘it will only take an hour’.

  • No Intrinsic Motivation
  • Sometimes, or most of the time, students do not understand that the work they do on their module or course is designed for them, with their needs in mind. It is easy to think that they are doing it because they have to, rather than because it is of benefit to them. Making students aware of the benefits of homework can change this.

  • Problems at Home
  • Students may, of course, be suffering some domestic difficulty, and tutors and schools must always be vigilant about this.

  • Problems with Learning
  • Relatedly, a student may have problems with attention and concentration, and with learning in general. Schools need to be aware of this, and must detect it as soon as possible.

So, there are a huge number of reasons, mostly legitimate, to ‘forget’ to do homework. But, there are also ways to combat these reasons, with a little thought!