How to organize your schedule to do homework effectively

If your homework is getting the best of you, chances are you are the only one to blame. Forget about telling yourself that your professors are being too hard on you—there have been other students before you and they coped just fine. Their secret: Time management, organization and prioritizing. Working smart instead of hard is the way forward and if you learn this skill in college or university, you’ll be well on your way when your career starts.

Time management

Homework requires lots of time and can be very frustrating if you tackle it aimlessly. Time management plays an important part in getting your homework done effectively and gives you maximum results when done right. You must have a plan of how long you will study and what each section of study entails. Compile a schedule that is suitable for you but remember that schedules can change. It helps to include all your activities in your schedule—family time, meetings, appointments, lectures, sleep, and whatever else you’ve got going.

If you can, over budget your time so that you don’t miss your deadline. Any extra time can be used for revising your homework or working on another subject. You should determine how much time you have for homework each day after your classes and lectures. Any extra activities will take away from your time so you may have more time on certain days and less time on others.

Organizing your homework

You must know exactly what your homework is. What subject is your homework related to? What should you submit (a presentation, an essay, a test, etc)? What are the details of your homework? Are there pages you should read or study? What is the due date of your assignment? Knowing this information and writing it all down in one place will help you get started.


Arrange your deadlines and put the earliest deadlines first. If you receive new homework that is to be submitted the following day, you should postpone other homework due in two days and finish the following day’s homework assignment first. If assignments have the same submission date, start with the hardest ones or the ones that will take the longest and do the rest afterwards. Again, planning ahead is key. If you find yourself struggling to meet a deadline, chances are you didn’t plan properly or you didn’t stick to the plan you did have.