How To Do Homework Without Distractions: 5 Helpful Tips

There are probably a thousand things I could list which distract from doing homework. You may urgently need to know what color shoes your friend is going to where on Saturday. You could have heavy metal music blasting through the wall from your brother's bedroom. Well, as I said, we'd be here all day if I started that list... Whatever your own distraction is, there are some simple ways to help you focus on the homework at hand. Here are my 5 helpful tips:

  1. Get offline and focus!
  2. First of all, you should give yourself as little distraction as possible! So make sure your study time isn't conflicting with your favorite T.V show. Turn off your cell phone and get offline so that you can't be interrupted by your friends.

  3. Make sure you have what you need.
  4. Get yourself organized. There's nothing more distracting than, say, thinking you've got the handout on notes from your teacher only to discover that it's nowhere to be found, and you'll have to rely now on your incomplete workbook and some good guesswork. Or you might spend half an hour looking through every crevice of your belongings in the hope you may yet still find it. Be organized in the first place, make sure you've got all the references you need, and you won't be waylaid by not knowing where to find the piece of information you require.

  5. Music could help!
  6. If your parents are perhaps arguing loudly or your brother's taste in Marilyn Manson is getting too much to bear, why not listen to some music yourself? You could always put earphones on to make sure you're not distracted by any unwanted noise and tempers. You should choose something calm or with a steady beat- just make sure you're not listening to music with lyrics as this will only serve to distract you even more!

  7. Quiet might help more!
  8. Although listening to music has been shown to aid learning, it's certainly not for everyone. Some people just need quiet to be able to focus completely on the homework at hand. If that's you, and you often find that you can't find the peace and quiet you need at home, then study elsewhere!

    A library is the perfect place. Why not do your homework in the campus library or your local one?

  9. Keep an eye on your mental energy.
  10. Make sure you have enough energy at your allotted time of doing your homework. If you're feeling tired, you won't be able to focus. If you're stomach is gurgling, all you'll be thinking about is food. Eat. Have a break. You'll feel much more focused, believe me!