How to focus on the most important things while doing homework


The first thing you need to think about when confronting how to focus on the most important things while doing homework is what things are the most important. What things really matter the most when it comes to your homework and why do they matter more than the rest of the things to think about? Well, the first and most important thing is to actually do the work. Remember that homework has important purposes.

  • To help you learn and remember the material
  • To help you pass the tests
  • To teach you about things you’ll need in life
  • To help you get good grades and get into a good college

Learn and remember

Studies have shown that hearing the material in class isn’t enough to really hold on to it. Doing homework reinforces what you already learned in school. Writing things down and going over them again and again is the best way to remember them. If you don’t learn and remember the material than you can’t ever really know it.


The tests are on what you learned in class and in your books. If you didn’t have the homework you would be less likely to pass. Passing the tests is important for your grades but it does serve a larger purpose. Tests also help you remember things because you have to study for them, and homework makes it so that you know the material well enough that studying isn’t too hard for you. If you do well on the homework you are more likely to pass the tests.

To teach you what you’ll need

In life, you will at any given moment, be expected to know something. Something that maybe you even thought would never come up. For example if you are putting a circular pool in your square yard, what is the biggest pool you could get? That is all about geometry, something most people think is useless, but it is important. Every day in your life people around you will expect you to know words, quotes, books, math, science and other things that you learn in school by doing homework.

Good grades, good college

The better your grades are the easier it will be to pick the university of your choice. They look at grades as a marker for whether a person is willing and able to learn. The only want people who want to learn, and who want to be there to do that. Good grades show them that you do.

Remember, they can’t teach you everything in every subject during the hour they get. Homework helps you learn what they don’t have time to teach in school too. That is why they send you home with new tasks or to do more on subjects you have covered. Remember that there is a point.