Where To Get Physics Homework Answers For Free

Physics can be a difficult subject to take on board, and while it's always advisable to research the answers the best you can, sometimes you need some references to put you on the right track when completing your physics homework.

Using Search Engines

The first port of call is normally the Internet, but you still need to research the answer as not everything on the Internet is accurate.

  • Use search engines and all of their functionality, use the settings to receive the right kind of results.
  • Search engines can be set to deliver results using specific keywords and display location-based results.

Article Sites

While still online article sites can offer a lot of information from knowledgeable writers.

  • Search article websites for topics based on physics to get relevant articles to help you garner information.
  • A list of article sites can also be located by searching via a search engine, helping you source more outlets for information on physics.

Searching Blogs

Like article sites, blogs can be a great resource for a number of subjects. There are many platforms on which people host blogs.

  • Searching via search engine can help pull up some useful resources for information on physics.
  • Some search engines will have a blog search function, so you only get blog results, helping you find information quicker.


Forums are set up for a number of subjects and niches. Some will provide links, whereas others will provide information directly.

  • Search the Internet for physics followed by the word “forum.”
  • There are services that will allow you to search for forums that will provide more exact results.

Social Networks

As well as connecting with our friends, social networking has become a great source for a lot of different information. Embracing it can garner you some excellent results when searching for information relating to physics.

  • Join relevant groups and disucss your requirements with other users.
  • Search for dicussions around the topic you are looking for information on.
  • Some platforms allow you to follow people, following the right kid of people can help you to receive updates in your topics automatically.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Like social networks, social bookmarking allows people to share information they think other people will find useful.

  • Subscribe to relevant updates so you received updates relevant to you and your topic.
  • Use the search function within the social bookmarking sites to find material that may have already been shared with its users.