Math Homework Help: Is Getting a Tutor Online for Free Possible

Types of online math tutoring services you can get for free

Online chat services

Free tutoring has been made available to underprivileged students across the globe. This tutoring is in the form of dialogue and you get expert advice from real math tutors who are willing to offer their advice for free.

Bear in mind that there is usually a screening process for students who want to utilize this service. If you are not classified as an underprivileged student, you will likely be denied access to the service. Another drawback is that there is often a long waiting period before answers come through. This is because the tutors offering the free service are also obligated to focus on their paying jobs.

Online lectures

Free video sites allow you to watch pre-recorded lectures on how to solve math problems. While this is a very helpful guide for thousands of students, you are limited to watch without the benefit of interacting. If there is something you don’t understand, your best bet is to leave a comment under the video and hope for an accurate, timely response—which is never a guarantee.

Forum-based tutoring sites

Another good initiative that’s been around for a while is forums of math students who help each other. Simply join the forum and contribute where you can in helping others, while at the same time receiving help for questions you have.

These sites provide lots of assistance to students who can’t afford a tutor. However, it should be added that incorrect advice is always a risk. The person helping you may not have understood your question right, or perhaps they themselves made a mistake in answering. These are always risks to keep in mind when choosing this option as a means of getting answers.

Some advice to students

  • Why paying for a math tutor is better
  • If you can afford a math tutor, it’s recommended that you take the opportunity and get in touch with one.
  • You will have the benefit of being able to bring your individual problems to his or her attention and get very personalized assistance instantly.
  • The advice you receive will never be in doubt. You have a guarantee that the help you are receiving is accurate because it comes from a professional.
  • You get to throw as many questions as you want and receive immediate answers. Any misconceptions you have about a particular math problem will be identified by your tutor and promptly corrected before it settles too deeply in your mind.