Learning How to Manage Your Time: Middle School Writing Tips

One of the biggest problems that middle-schoolers face when it comes to getting their homework done is procrastination. Putting off major assignments until the last minute and then finishing them quickly just to make the deadline, usually results in lower grades. This is why we can’t emphasize enough the importance of learning good time management skills at a young age.

To help middle school student’s success at writing we are going to provide some helpful rules for managing your time. That include; setting goals, making a schedule, and working on your homework for a short period each night, to develop good time management habits that will help you in High School, College and University later on.

Set Goals

If you really want to improve your writing grades and do better in class you should set personal goals for yourself. This means when a new writing project is assigned you take note of what grade you want to get on it, and when you wish to have it completed by. Goal setting is a useful way to meter your own success and feel as if you have accomplished something when you live up to your personal goals. It gives you something to strive for.

Make A Plan

Once you have established your personal goals for completing your writing assignment the next step is to make a plan. This means deciding (based on how many days you have) when you are going to work on it and how far you are going to be before you stop writing. Commit to your plan by setting up a schedule and then sticking to it.

Work Each Day For A Short Amount of Time

The best recommendation is, instead of working on your entire writing assignment all at once you split it up into various sections. This means that instead of “speed writing” a mediocre paper all in one night- you can work on it gradually over time and compose a thoughtful and well written composition. Make sure you give yourself at least one night before the deadline to sleep on it and proofread with a fresh mind, doing this will assure that the paper you hand in is your best work.

The secret to becoming a masterful writer is learning good time management skills. It is never too early to begin to develop good academic writing habits. Set goals, make a plan, and work a little bit each night to become a better writer. Young students who master these skills early will have no trouble when they graduate to High School.