Physics homework online: seeking assistance on the web

There are many available websites online that can assist with physics homework, many of which are associated with a fee. These sites can enhance your knowledge as well as provide direct questions and answers to homework problems. Below is a list of several physics homework assistance websites:

  • How it works – InstaEDU is a tutor based website that provides private, direct access to a tutor to assist in a particular subject matter, including physics.
  • Connect with a tutor
  • Upload an assignment
  • First 2 hours are free and then it’s .40/min thereafter
  •   Tutorvista
  • Provides 24/7 assistance
  • Homework help
  • Connect instantly to a tutor
  • Offers real time help

    Tutorvista is a completely interactive tutoring site that specializes in various subjects including physics. It offers a chat session as soon as the system recognizes a user has accessed the site. The average cost is $20/hr.

  • Expert tutors who specialize specifically in physics
  • Offers AP assistance
  • 24/7 homework help

  • Tutor is a tutoring and homework help program that is considered the world’s largest and highest rated online tutoring website. They boast over 3,100 expert tutors and have served more than 10 million one on one tutoring sessions. The typical cost is $30/hr.

  • Access all products and services through the web.
  • File exchange encourages the use of web based chat programs to allow students and tutors to communicate with each other using various visual aids.
  • Voice chat can be used through any web-based program to enlist verbal discussion amongst student and tutor.
  • Student self-assessment quizzes are available so that students may measure and their progress.
  • Quality assessment allows students to express their opinions on the program, tutors, or subject matter availability to enhance the students’ learning experiences and offerings.

  • Physics24. offers solutions to a plethora of physics problems as well as online physics information and activities. It is a platform for tutors to list their services provided so the fees vary by tutor./p>

    Physics tutoring online is available in many different forms. Students have to understand the goals of what they are trying accomplish when looking for homework help. If money is no object, there are dozens of tutoring sites available to students but some can get quite costly. If homework help is needed, it is best advised to seek out an online tutoring site for a couple of the most difficult physics problems in a homework assignment and then work through the rest.  Spending considerable time with an online tutor will cost a considerable amount of money and that is something to be aware of.