Looking For Free Homework Activities: A Quick Guide

Sometimes the homework that your teacher assigns for you isn’t enough to help you learn the material and prepare for tests. If you’re looking for extra free homework activities, follow this quick guide for different subjects.


  • Search online for math problem sets that fit your grade level, the specific subject, and what you are working on in that class. For instance, you could search “8th grade algebra multivariable problems”. When you do find a problem set, take a look at it to see if it matches what you’ve been getting on your assignments.
  • If there is a certain kind of problem that you struggle with more, try to find more of that kind of problem. If word problems are harder for you, focus on practicing on word problems.


  • If you are looking for English grammar help, search online for grammar workshops that focus on what you are working on in your class, like sentence diagramming.
  • If you are looking for practice questions about a certain book, author, or poem, try searching test prep resources like Cliffnotes for sample essay and multiple choice questions that will test your comprehension.
  • For vocabulary help, try SAT practice tests, which have hundreds of vocabulary words.

Foreign Language

  • For free foreign language conjugation activities, try searching online for the level of your class. For instance, search for ‘spanish 2 conjugation word sets’.
  • If you want to work on reading comprehension in a foreign language, try going to your local library and finding children’s or young adult books in the language to read through.
  • For speaking and listening comprehension, try to find familiar movies or tv shows that have been translated. If it is a story that you already know, you’ll be able to focus more on the words than trying to figure out what is going on.


  • For sample science question sets, try searching for the subject, grade level, and specific topic. For instance, you could search for ‘11th grade biology photosynthesis test question’. If you come across any about subjects you haven’t had yet, just skip them.

While the internet can be a great resource for free homework activities, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher too. Make sure you let them know what you are struggling on, and ask them for some extra practice activities. The benefit of this is that they can tailor the help that you are getting for your needs, as well as what is going to be on your tests.