How to Improve Grades for Your Homework

Today’s Students are Blessed

Today’s students are so blessed. You have tons of homework help at the tips of your fingertips to find answers to hard problems, to become a better writer, to become a better mathematician, and to master topics that once had a very high failure rate, such as statistics.

The internet has become not just a tool to communicate – but a tool to learn—to become a scholar even. You can metamorphose from a struggling student into a student with wings in any subject no matter how hard.


As one of my students recently told me, “I thought I was going to fail calculus until I stated learned calculus on YouTbu and made an A.” YouTube is great in that it has all kinds of videos where experts in whatever topic you need help in can take you, slowly and step-by-step through all the most challenging areas of school subjects.

One good way to maximize your learning quotient with Google is to search for very specific kinds of help. For example, instead of searching for “help in algebra” search for “help with 10th grade algebra word problems” or “help with college trigonometry equations.”

Topics that students once considered impossible to learn are now possible with the educational resources on this wonderful site.

The Internet and Google

The internet in general is also a wonderful resource for every school subject at every educational level from fifth grade math to college algebra two.

Searches on Google will help you to locate interactive exercises in any subject that will help you by giving you a lecture and then interactive quizzes that will test you on the information, slowly proceeding from simple concepts to more challenging ones.

Goolge will also help you find all kinds of very good handouts from schools and universities that have been edited and revised until they can teach you in the best possible way.

There are handouts from some schools that are the best educational resources for grammar I’ve ever seen.

Online Tutors

Google will also help you to find online tutors that can work one-on-one with you on any subject you need help in at any level in your educational journey.

Many of these tutoring websites have free trial periods. By shopping around with free trials, you might make it through a whole difficult chapter in linear equations, for example.