Where Can I get Good Grammar Homework Samples

Often times even the best of us get stuck on our homework; yeah we may speak English as our native language but that doesn’t make getting everything just right on our homework much easier; so what would be a better solution here?

Online there are tons of resources just a mouse click away. So why not go to your trusty search engine and type in something to help you out with your grammar homework. Sounds easy right? The biggest problem you face by just typing in a search term is that any search engine out there is just going to spit out everything that they think goes with your topic that you’re searching about. You might end up finding more exercises to work on than examples or sample material. It’s hard to narrow down a search.

Grammar Homework Samples

Just cruising around your favorite search engine looking for good grammar samples can be a pain; not only that but it is so easy to become distracted by things that aren’t homework related this way too. So why not take a look at the list below and use these resources as your bouncing points.

  • Parts of a Sentence, Subject and Predicate at Wyzant
  • Make or Do – Perfect English Grammar
  • TOEFL Grammar Exercises, Test Practice at Learn4Goodv
  • Easy English Grammar Explanations and Exercises at Really Learn English
  • Anglomaniacy
  • Eclectic English
  • ELC Study Zone: Modals of Advice
  • English Club
  • The Purdue OWL: Grammar
  • Adverbs of Frequency – Woodward English Grammar
  • Developing Grammar Activities at NCLRC
  • Subject and Verb agreement will Collective Nouns at Grammar Book
  • Grammarly Handbook
  • English Grammar 101 at Daily Writing Tips
  • Daily Warm-Ups: Grammar and Usage – Kat Stein-Ross ( PDF )
    • Grammar should never be something that is annoying or you dread bothering with. It should be just as easy as talking and having good grammar makes getting good grades easier too. Professors check grammar with a vengeance; so it’s better to be prepared and know how to correct your own work when writing than taking a failing grade on what would have otherwise been a great essay paper.

      The samples listed above come from a variety of sources and some of the sources are even in pdf form. You don’t want samples that people didn’t bother correcting their own grammar on before presenting it to the world as a sample to how grammar should be. Avoid sites that have typos on their main page; more than likely you won’t find any worthy samples there.