Math homework help for 6th graders: make your classmates respect you

If you are in 6th grade and looking for math homework help so that your classmates respect you then consider these tips:

  1. When you are going over a lesson in class and you find something that you don’t understand you can use sticky notes to flag the section or write down the page number and paragraph on a scrap of paper and ask the teacher about it privately later. You can also ask your parents or classmates or anyone who might help. If you get tutoring you can look over the flagged areas with your tutor. This will help you to gain a better understanding of the concept without worrying about holding up the class and losing the respect of your classmates. You can do the same with problems you worked really hard to solve. Only this time when you flag them it is so that you can practice them multiple times per day and really get in the habit of doing math problems. Read over your assigned chapter before you review it in class. This will show you the problems that you are going to solve in class the next day and you can start familiarizing yourself with them ahead of time.

  2. Make flashcards for different processes or equations. Flashcards are really useful and studies show that writing something down repeatedly will reinforce it in your brain and help you remember it. So if you write down an important equation during class and then write it down when you make flashcards you will review the information without realizing it and reinforce it. You can then study your flashcards when you have some spare time (or if you are sent to your room).

  3. Take a break. If there is a problem that you don’t understand you can read it over a few times to see if you understand it better. But if that doesn’t work then take a short break. Walk away from your homework and do some other homework or make a snack. Your brain will continue working on the problem subconsciously and taking a break will help turn your creativity and imagination back on.

Do all of these things regularly and you will find that math homework becomes easier and easier. Soon your classmates will respect you for knowing so much about the homework assignments and getting such good grades!